MS Teams

Microsoft Teams Adds A Number Of New Features

Do you use Microsoft Teams? If you do then you’re going to love the August update. It offers a number of new high value features that will improve the quality of your online meetings. Here’s a quick overview:

1. Two New Presenter Options
2. Captioning and Transcription Changes
3. Calling Changes
4. Teams for Education

The bottom line is that there’s something for just about everyone in the August update. You won’t want to miss this one.

Internet Globe

DNS Issue Caused Major Website Outage

The Akamai Corporation reported a major outage on Thursday (7/22/2021) that caused major disruptions on the internet in the United States for a period of several hours. A tweet from the company confirmed that the outage was caused by a software update. The update triggered a bug in the DNS system which caused the outage.

The good news is that the outage was not the result of a hack as had initially been feared.


Microsoft Edge Browser Getting Automatic HTTPS Web Security Feature

The latest version of Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser will follow in the footsteps of the other major browsers on the web.

As of Edge 92, the browser will automatically switch users to a secure HTTPS connection when visiting an HTTP address, provided that the browser enables the Automatic HTTPS feature.

It’s a good move that’s been in the company’s development channel for some time, but it was only very recently that the company finalized and announced an official roll out date.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Gets New Security Feature

Based on current trends, marketers are going to have to get used to operating in a world without cookies. In light of that, Google has recently made some significant changes to Google Analytics designed to help marketers live and ultimately thrive in that world.

Back in October 2020, the company rolled out the first significant update to their analytics platform in nearly a decade, an outgrowth of Google’s significant investments in machine learning. This latest update builds on that earlier one with new features designed to help marketers evolve, given the changing landscape.

Red Secure Door

Microsoft Edge Will Redirect Users to HTTPS Secure Sites

If you’re a Microsoft Edge user, be aware. Beginning in July, with the release of Edge 92, the browser will automatically redirect users to a secure HTTPS connection any time they visit a website via the HTTP protocol.

Microsoft is not alone in this, and in fact, is coming a bit late to the party. Chrome 90, released earlier this month, already does the same thing, as does Firefox 83.

All of this is a result of, and a response to, a number of high profile man in the middle attacks last year.


Tax Time Brings Out the Hackers

It’s tax season once again! That, among other things, means that hackers and scammers are out in force, so beware!

As in years past, the primary vehicle hackers and scammers use to run their various tax scams are phishing emails. They’re usually designed to appear as though they come from the IRS, and generally indicating that there’s some type of problem with your tax record which will delay your refund.

The idea, of course, is to get you worried enough that you’ll click on one of the links embedded in the email.

HTTPS Google Address

HTTPS Becomes Default For Google Chrome For Added Security

For the last month or so, Google has been testing the notion of using HTTPS as the default protocol for all URLs a user types into the address bar. Those who have been experimenting with Chrome’s latest Canary build have already seen the new feature in action, and the company has decided to forge ahead.

In the next stable release, it will be formally incorporated into Chrome’s browser experience.